How to brew Pu-Erh tea?

"The beauty of tea depends on the essence of the original creation, the method of storing, and the proper brewing." The birth of a good cup of tea, in addition to natural beauty, can not do without the best brewing skills. The water temperature, the amount of tea poured, and the steep time, everything must be just right, and it will be a good taste!

"Water is the mother of tea, and tea-wares are the father of tea". The purple clay tea pot has good air permeability and heat preservation, which can better reflect the aroma and taste of Pu'er tea. 

Step 1

1. Bow to salute: tea master enters the ceremony, bows to the guests.
2. Tea master cleans hands: clean hands with gentle movements with mountain spring water.
3. Welcome all guests: welcome guests with hands in a peacock open-screen posture.

Tea master bow to guests

Step 2

1. Calm your mind: close your eyes lightly for 8 seconds to purify your mind.
2. Tea master breaks the tea: insert tea knife along the edge of the inner side of Tuocha, and slowly peeled and moved along the edge of the inner side of Tuocha.
3. Boiled spring water: boil the spring water.

Use Tea knife to break Xia Guan Tuo Tea

Step 3

Preheating the cup: use boiling water to moisturize the purple clay tea pot and taste Cup.

Pour water into purple clay tea pot

Step 4

1. Check tea leaves: tea master holds the tea tray in both hands and let the guests watch the dry tea leaves.
2. Tea leaves into the tea pot: hold the tea tray in one hand, hold the tea pick in the other hand, and pull the tea into the purple clay tea pot.

Show tea leaves

Step 5

1. Great dreams: use fixed-point pouring method to pour boiling water to warm the tea leaves and stretch the tea leaves.
2. Clouds and flowing water: pour the first tea soup in the purple clay tea pot into the tea soup container.

Pour boiling water into purple clay tea pot

Step 6

1. Cultivating the heart and enlightenment: pour boiling water into the purple clay tea pot.
2. Clean tea soup: hold the lid of the pot and gently scrape off the floating dust that appears during flushing, leaving the essence and bright tea soup.
3. Pour tea soup: pour the brewed tea into a fair cup.
4. Distribute the tea soup: divide the tea soup in the fair cup to seven taste cups.

Pour water onto purple clay tea pot

Step 7

1. Respect and serve tea: the tea master will offer tea to the guests.
2. Taste good tea together: drink and enjoy the tea together.

Serve tea

Step 8

The tea master showed the steeped Pu-Erh tea to the guests.

Show steeped Pu-Erh Tea

Step 9

1. Bow to salute, thank the guests for coming).
2. Clean the tea set.
3. The tea master leaves the ceremony.

Tea master show tea set