Three tea mountains selected by Xiaguan in 2020

Bada Mountain (Google Map)

Bada Mountain

On April 1, the Xiaguan Tuocha "Tea Mountain Inspection Group" set off from Menghai County to the Nanlie Village, one of the company's spring tea raw materials procurement locations in 2020

The 149 Hani families in Nanlie Village are all tea farmers. Tea is their most important economic crop, and they are also proud of Nanli tea. They applaud Xiaguan Tuo Tea Group's move to use Nanli as a raw material procurement base and continue to purchase their tea.

Nanlie tea village
Tea mountain

Bulang Mountain (Google Map)

On April 2, the Xiaguan Tuocha "Tea Mountain Inspection Group" went to the Hewai and Xinlong village of the Manguo Village Committee. The group showed how the raw materials of the ecological tea garden in the Xinlong base are collected and produced through a live broadcast.

Tea farmer pick tea

Every day the group came to tea mountain, they were touched by the simplicity of the local tea farmers. For tea farmers, the company’s purchase of their tea raw materials was a high recognition of the quality of their tea. This friendship is their best praise for the company's continuous selection of high-quality tea raw materials in Banna in recent years!

Huazhuliangzi mountain (Google Map)

On the morning of April 3, the Xiaguan Tuocha "Tea Mountain Inspection Group" continued their tea appreciation trip and went to Baotang and Benglong tea areas in Mengsong Township, Menghai County. These two tea areas are like two sisters in Mengsong.

Under the guidance of the company's local quality officer Ziliang Duan, the tea appraisal team went up to the ancient tea garden from Baotang Xinzhai to verify the picking of spring tea raw materials for the Baotang ancient tree tea purchased by the company in 2020.

Bag of tea leaves

Lao Ban Zhang (Google Map)


Xia Guan - Lao Ban Zhang

On April 4, the tea appraisal team went to Laobanzhang Village, a landmark where Pu'er tea people frequently go to "check in" to show the tea lovers the spring tea production of Laobanzhang in 2020.

The appraisal team came to the home of the Geshi brothers and sisters who had established a long-term cooperative relationship with the company, and invited them to participate in the live broadcast of the company's Laobanzhang trip.

The appraisal team walked into Laobanzhang Village and saw that although the number of tea visitors and tourists and the output of spring tea dropped sharply compared with previous years, the demand for Laobanzhang spring tea was still in short supply. Xiaguan Tuo Tea Group has also signed a raw material purchase contract with Ge Er, ensuring the purchase of raw materials for Laobanzhang tea this year.