Xia Guan Tuo Cha

2010 XiaGuan T8653 Raw Pu-Erh Tea

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Tea friends who are familiar with Pu'er tea know that different-digit "marks" like 8653 and 76563 are important identification marks that distinguish the "three brothers" in the Pu'er tea industry! The more objective interpretation of these digital "ID numbers" is: the first two digits are the year when the tea was formulated, the middle 1-2 digits are the grades of the main ingredients in the blended raw materials, and the tail number is the tea factory number. . Under the planned economy, China Tea Yunnan Company assigned numbers to three major factories: Kunming Tea Factory as 1, Menghai Tea Factory as 2, and Xiaguan Tea Factory as 3. Therefore, taking 8653 as an example, the objective interpretation of 8653 is: the formula standardized and used in 1986, using grade 5 tea leaves as the main blending raw material, and the pressed Pu'er produced by the Xiaguan tea factory from Yunnan big-leaf sun-dried tea leaves.

8653 is one of the most popular Pu-Erh recipes from the Xiaguan Tea factory. The difference between T8653 and 8653 is T8653 is an “iron” cake, which compressed by iron. The environment will not have too much impact on the cake, and it is easier for transportation and aging. Thanks to the success of 8653 and its predecessor products, it has become an important part of popularizing Pu-Erh tea knowledge. This recipe was standardized and continued to be used in 1986, 8653 has become a representative factor of Qi Zi Bing (七子饼).