Xia Guan Tuo Cha

2013 XiaGuan 111 Anniversary Raw Pu-Erh Tea

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111 years, a legend, a classic, a dream!

Xiaguan Tuocha was born in 1902. It takes quality advantages of Yunnan Dayezhong, which are the origin of tea trees in the world, the location advantage of Dali, which is the center of the ancient tea-horse road in southwest China, and the rare natural drying advantage of Xiaguan to produce high-quality Tuocha in the world. 

Over the past 111 years, Xiaguan Tuocha has formed a unique ethnic and regional cultural background in its development. On the occasion of the 111th anniversary of the creation of Xiaguan Tuocha, the company selected high-grade sun-dried raw materials for the large leaves of the tea trees in ancient Yunnan tea gardens at an altitude of about 2,000 meters. Xiaguan carefully prepared them with the national intangible cultural heritage Xiaguan Tuocha production techniques. "111 Anniversary" Tuocha is dedicated to tea lovers. The exterior design is elegant. It has revealing baihao, sharp and strong aroma, golden color of the tea soup, and rich and mellow taste.