Xia Guan Tuo Cha

2013 XiaGuan Gao Yuan Chen Raw Pu-Erh Tea

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The southwest tea area is also known as the "plateau tea area". The Yunnan plateau is the origin of tea trees. The soil conditions and climate vary greatly. The soil in Yunnan is mainly red soil and mountain red soil. The organic content is richer than other tea areas. 

The altitude can determine the quality of tea. Sufficient humidity, low air pressure, and extended sunshine make the tea buds softer and more fragrant, so the taste of the tea soup is mellow and less bitter. In addition, more ultraviolet light has a great impact on the color and budding of tea leaves. This creates a unique taste of the high mountain tea.

Xiaguan Tuocha is located in the Yunnan Plateau. The Plateau sun-dried tea leave is fermented and aged in Dali where the Xiaguan Tuocha factory is located. The color of the tea leaves is brown-red, the taste is mellow and smooth, and it has a unique aging fragrance. “Gao Yuan Chen” uses a unique steam process in the production process. The special process of using the melted natural snow on the top of Cangshan Mountain in Dali to turn into steam, high-temperature steam sterilization, and then drying, is conducive to the synthesis of tea aroma, forming a unique style of pure, mellow, and aging fragrance.