Xia Guan Tuo Cha

2014 XiaGuan Bao Yan Jincha Raw Pu-Erh Tea

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Bao Yan brand (宝焰牌) is the trademark used for products after the Kangzang Tea Factory was established in 1941. It was originally planned to be "Ran Bao Brand (燃宝牌)” and later named "Bao Yan Brand". After registration, it was used until 1952. Later, because the national tea industry uniformly used the "China Tea (中茶)“ brand trademark, the “Bao Yan brand” stopped being used. In 1990, Xiaguan Tea Factory re-registered “Bao Yan brand”.

Tight tea (紧茶) is known for its strong tea flavor and long-lasting aroma. Tea has been an indispensable daily necessity in Tibetan areas. In the old days, it was transported from Yunnan to Tibet by horse. The journey was long and the tea was often mildewed due to moisture. In order to allow the tight tea to have enough space to dissipate moisture and prevent mildew during the packing process, it gradually formed the unique shape of the mushroom or the heart shape, and it has been used until today.

The aroma is fresh and long-lasting. The tea soup is orange-yellow and translucent. The taste is refreshing, and the steeped tea leaves are tender and clear.