Xia Guan Tuo Cha

2014 XiaGuan Xiao Fa Tuo Ripe Pu-Erh Tea

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In 1976, Mr. Fred Kempler, an officer under General de Gaulle during World War II, went to Hong Kong to talk to Mr. Luo Liang, the general manager of Hong Kong Tiansheng Trading Company. Mr. Kempler and Mr. Luo have been trading partners and close friends for many years. After the business talks, the two old friends passed by an old tea shop. Mr. Kempler found a bowl-shaped red-brown Tuocha (ripe pu-erh). At that time, the export of Tuocha was basically limited to Hong Kong. Mr. Kempler was curious about the tea, so he bought two and asked the store where the tea came from. The store said that the tea came from Xiaguan tea factory in Yunnan, China.

After that, Mr. Kempler visited Xiaguan tea factory and ordered the very first batch of Xiao Fa Tuocha, and sold them back in France. Since then, Yunnan Tuocha (ripe tea) produced by Yunnan Xiaguan Tea Factory has entered the French market. The tea people call it "Xiao Fa Tuo". It is packaged in a round box with a yellow-green pattern printed on it, and it has the french word "THÉ" (tea) and the words "Tuocha" on top of the package. This visual identification has never changed for more than 30 years. The Xiaguan Tea Factory still produces Yunnan Tuocha in such a package, and the production process has never changed.

Xiao Fa Tuo uses Yunnan big-leaf sun-dried tea leaves as raw material. It has been blended, sieved, fermented, steamed and kneaded, and pressed. The tea soup is red and clear, the taste is mellow, smooth, sweet, and refreshing.